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Through our Animals in Motion department, we are pleased to offer state-of-the-art physical medicine and rehabilitation therapy to a variety of pets that can benefit from it.

What is Animal Rehabilitation?

Animal rehabilitation is the use of therapeutic exercises along with a variety of other treatment modalities, in order to improve the comfort, mobility, function, and conditioning of patients dealing with a variety of both acute and chronic conditions.

Conditions That Respond Well to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:

Pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds can benefit from a good rehabilitation program.  Post-operative patients and any animal suffering from chronic pain, neurologic conditions, orthopedic or soft-tissue injuries, arthritis, obesity, or muscle weakness can experience an enhanced quality of life as a result of rehabilitation.  Additionally, agility and working dogs can benefit from a rehabilitation program, as it helps to restore, maintain, and promote optimal function, mobility, and coordination.

Rehabilitation Modalities Utilized at Animals in Motion:

Therapeutic Exercise:  The goals of therapeutic exercises are the improvement of pain-free range of motion, muscle strength, endurance, balance, and overall performance.

Underwater Treadmill:  The underwater treadmill utilizes the properties of buoyancy, resistance, and heat to enable dogs to experience low-impact exercise that improves joint range of motion, muscle flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Therapeutic Laser:  Therapeutic laser promotes cellular changes that enhance tissue healing and the reduction of pain and inflammation.

Therapeutic Ultrasound:  Therapeutic Ultrasound enhances blood flow to decrease scar tissue formation and healing time for a variety of soft tissue injuries.  It can also help to relieve muscle soreness and spasms.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES):  NMES assists with muscle strengthening and the reduction of pain and swelling.  It is also an important tool that we use to enhance recovery from a number of neurologic conditions.

Therapeutic Massage:  Massage can enhance circulation and reduce pain and muscle tension/spasms.

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