Our Response to COVID-19

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Dear Front Range Family,

We apologize in advance for contributing to the recent mass of emails inundating inboxes. However, Front Range Veterinary Clinic is making important changes you need to be aware of. Please keep reading to inform yourself of the new protocols being instituted to limit the spread of COVID-19 at our facility.

Starting 3/23/2020 we will be implementing curbside only appointments. This temporary change is for your safety, the safety of our team, and the ability to continue providing exceptional care for your pet.

Here is how curbside appointments work:

1) Once you arrive at our hospital, stay in your car and call us (970-484-5667) to let us know you are here.

2) A technician will meet you at your vehicle to bring your pet in for the veterinary examination. Please have all dogs on a slip leash and all other pets in a carrier to facilitate the transfer. We will be happy to provide a slip leash if needed.

3) The technician will call you from the clinic to obtain pertinent history.

4) Your veterinarian will perform an exam on your pet, call to discuss findings, and go over a treatment plan with you. This is all done while you are waiting in the comfort of your vehicle.

5) Once it’s time to checkout, our reception team will go over charges and receive your credit card information over the phone. Receipts will then be emailed.

6) A technician will bring your pet back to your vehicle.

7) If you need to pick up medication or food, please call to let us know you are here and a member of our team will bring it out to you.

8) We will still continue to let owners be in the hospital with their pets for euthanasias.

** Note: This service is provided assuming you are feeling well. We kindly request you make arrangements for someone else to bring in your pet if you are sick. **

We promise to continue monitoring the ongoing developments to ensure we can provide uninterrupted quality care. We will continue to refrain from diluting your inbox with less important information.

Please find us on Facebook to be updated more frequently.

We appreciate your understanding during this time of major life disruptions. As an essential business, we want you to know we are open and here for you and your pets with normal business hours. Our mission is to continue providing a place to access medical care when your pets need help.

Very Truly Yours,

Your Extended Family at Front Range Veterinary Clinic

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