Your pet’s safety is incredibly important to us at Front Range Veterinary Clinic. Did you know 


will go missing? Having your pet microchipped will increase the chances of happily reuniting with your pet in case they ever become lost. We can easily microchip your pet right here in our animal hospital and better ensure they’ll be returned to you!

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How Microchipping Benefits Your Pet

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, microchipped dogs and cats are safely reconnected with their owners 52% and 39% of the time respectively. Meanwhile, non-microchipped dogs and cats are only returned 22% and 2% of the time. In addition, microchipping can help prevent pet homelessness, which is a problem in our area and around the country. The procedure is a quick, easy, and painless way to establish a permanent connection between you and your pet, and it can be done during any appointment at our animal hospital!

Preventing Lost Pets

We know how important your pet’s safety is to you. Keeping them healthy and safe is a top priority at Front Range Veterinary Clinic, and we’ve gathered tips to help you keep your dog or cat safe while out and about.

Visible Pet Identification

We recommend all pets have an ID tag attached to a well-fitted collar. This ID tag should include your pet’s name and proof of vaccination, as well as your updated contact information so anyone who finds your pet can return them safely. This also lets passersby know your pet has a family that’s missing them, and they are safe to handle. Microchipping can be an additional form of pet identification, as any pet can be scanned for a microchip at a local animal hospital or shelter, and you can be promptly contacted.

Appropriately Sized Collars and Leashes

Leashes and collars are used for keeping your pet safe while outside your home or backyard, but it’s important to ensure these accessories are correctly sized. When your pet’s collar is too loose, they can easily slip away from you. If you’re trying to determine what size is the best fit for your dog or cat, try fitting two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck. If you can do so, this can ensure the optimal size for the comfort and security of your companion.

Suitable Training

Proper training can be a great way to prepare your pet for just about any situation. This requires a lot of patience and time on the part of the owner, but the benefits of training your dog or cat are worth it. Making sure your pet can respond to simple commands such as “sit” or “come” regardless of what’s going on around them can make all the difference when they accompany you on errands and help ensure they will remain safely with you.

Adequate Preparation

If your pet manages to slip away from you, it’s important to have a plan on how to proceed. Sharing your pet’s photo and information on Facebook and other social media is a great way to start. Let your neighbors, friends, and family know that your pet is missing and provide a photo, so they know what to look for. You may even want to alert local animal hospitals, rescues, or animal control in case they intake a pet matching your dog or cat’s description.

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