At Front Range Veterinary Clinic, our team takes every precaution to ensure

your pet’s safety

during each surgical procedure. Our surgeons have the experience to perform a wide range of surgical procedures and are equipped with cutting-edge technology that can help to enhance your pet’s safety and the efficacy of the procedure. We take additional steps to reduce any risks and confirm your pet’s health prior to the surgery as well as offer guidance on post-surgical care.

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Surgeries We Offer

The team at Front Range Veterinary Clinic is trained to provide several different surgical options when necessary to maintain your pet’s health. These surgeries include:

Spaying and Neutering
Laceration Repair
Mass Removal
emergency surgery

Our Surgical Safety Guidelines

Our animal hospital is equipped with advanced technology that increases your pet’s safety during surgery, however certain risks are still present and so there are certain precautions our team takes to help ensure your pet’s well-being. All pets will receive a physical exam and pre-anesthetic blood screening to assess their health prior to their surgery. We will also place an intravenous catheter before the surgery to deliver fluids and preserve your pet’s blood pressure and proper hydration.

Post-Operation Care & Education

If you have any questions about your pet’s procedure, our team is here to help you better understand the need for their surgery, what will happen during the procedure, and how best to care for your dog or cat once the procedure is complete. We can discuss what to expect during your companion’s recovery process and how to navigate their care to aid in a successful recovery. If you have any additional concerns about your pet’s well-being, please contact Front Range Veterinary Clinic.

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