A vital part of keeping your pet happy and healthy is ensuring they stay up to date on their cat and dog vaccinations. We recommend scheduling your pet’s vaccine appointments


to provide optimal protection from any viruses or diseases. Your veterinarian may recommend a tailored vaccination schedule that works best for your pet based on their age and vaccination history.

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Keeping Your Pet Safe and Healthy

Vaccinating your pet can maintain their health and wellness, and protect your human family as well! Making sure your pet’s vaccines are up to date can protect both indoor and outdoor pets from otherwise preventable illness or disease. There are also certain diseases known as zoonotic diseases that can be passed from animals to humans. The proper vaccinations can help ward off diseases that can seriously affect your dog or cat and potentially spread to your human family too.

Cat and Dog Vaccinations We Offer

At Front Range Veterinary Clinic, we can create a customized vaccination schedule according to your pet’s age and vaccination history. We want to ensure your pet has the best possible protection so they can live a happier, healthier life making memories by your side.

Below are the vaccines we offer:


This vaccine protects against a combination of diseases including distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, and parainfluenza, or DA2PP. Your pet will receive this as part of their puppy shots between 8 to 16 weeks old and will be boostered once every three years after that.

This yearly vaccine is commonly recommended for dogs that spend time at boarding facilities, daycare, grooming appointments, or dog parks. Bordetella is most often spread by other infected dogs and characterized by coughing or gagging. To ensure maximum protection, your dog should be initially vaccinated through two doses two to three weeks apart, and then every year thereafter.

Leptospirosis is spread through contact with infected wild animals, and contaminated water or urine. This zoonotic disease can lead to liver failure, which makes protection even more essential to your and your pet’s health. We recommend dogs receive two initial doses two to three weeks apart and one year later.

This highly contagious respiratory infection is usually recommended for dogs that may encounter others at boarding and grooming facilities or dog parks. We will administer your dog’s first dose and provide a booster three weeks later. After the initial vaccination, we recommend additional booster shots once a year.

The rabies virus attacks the brain and spinal cords of all mammals, and may cause swelling of the brain, which is why protection against this dangerous virus is crucial. The first shot can protect your dog for a year and should be re-administered once every three years after that.


This zoonotic disease causes swelling of the brain which can be fatal. We recommend this vaccine for all pets, including cats. A booster vaccine should be administered one year after the initial dose, and every three years thereafter.

Similar to our dog DA2PP vaccine, our feline distemper vaccination protects against a combination of diseases including panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus. We recommend this vaccine be administered during the kitten shots, particularly if your cat spends time outdoors as well as indoors.

Feline leukemia can be transmitted in a variety of ways, such as through bite wounds, casual contact with infected cats, and from an infected mother cat to her kittens. We recommend this vaccination for those felines who spend any time outdoors, or those who are both indoor and outdoor cats. Infected cats can become a source of infection for other felines in the household and it may not become apparent until the virus has spread.

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