Pet nutrition is yet another


aspect of your dog or cat’s healthcare. It is important to provide your pet with a balanced diet that is formulated to meet their individual needs. The team at Front Range Veterinary Clinic recommends Hill’s diets which comes in dry and canned types as well as a variety of formulas to meet the nutritional needs of all pets.

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Meeting Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs

If you’re trying to decide which pet food to feed your dog or cat, we recommend Hill’s diets for pets who do not need a prescription diet. Your veterinarian can provide more specific recommendations for your pet based on their overall health and age, however here are the general guidelines we recommend when deciding on the best diet for your dog or cat:

See AAFCO Guidelines

Pet food labels should include a nutritional adequacy claim that states if the dog or cat food meets or goes beyond AAFCO’s nutritional levels or that animal feeding tests have confirmed total and balanced nutrition for your pet’s specific stage of life. If a pet food brand has undergone AAFCO feeding trials, that is yet another way to verify a particular food is nutritionally sufficient for your pet. In addition, food labeled for occasional or supplemental use should not be provided long term unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian.

Consider Your Pet’s Specific Needs

Additional factors to consider when choosing your pet’s food are their age, size, species, and health conditions. Is your pet more active? Are they considered a senior pet? Are they a smaller or larger breed? All of these factors can contribute to your companion’s nutritional needs and cause them to vary. Your veterinarian can help you discern your pet’s nutritional needs and offer guidance to choosing the best diet.

Examine Labels Thoroughly

Do you often read the label on a food product before you buy it at the grocery store? The same practice should be done for your pet’s food as well! Checking the nutritional adequacy statement, list of ingredients, feeding instructions and guaranteed analysis is key to assessing whether a particular pet food brand is right for your furry friend.

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